Five things I Wish I’d Know When Buying Golf Clubs

Buying golf clubs can be overwhelming because your choices are limitless. Following these five tips could help with your next round of golf.

Thursday, February 20

What to Expect After Curfew Application

On March 16, The Country Club of Winter Haven will be applying a chemical application to treat the golf course for nematodes. Golf Course Superintendent Nick Flynn explains what you can expect after application of the soil fumigant, Curfew.

Thursday, February 20

Boost Your Golf Game With a Good Stretch

Warmups are very important no matter what sport you play. Some players think they can just walk up to the first hole and just start playing. However, if you are looking to improve your game, you will benefit from a quick, five-minute warmup. You’ll want to start by doing small movements with long slow breaths and increase the intensity as you go.

Friday, November 22

Golf Is for All Generations

There’s something about golf that is relaxing, comforting, and healthy. It can be played by people of any age or gender. It is one of the most versatile sports, and the Country Club of Winter Haven believes that it is worth passing on to the next generation. We’ve brought you the best advice for sharing your passion of golf or tennis with your children.

Friday, November 22

A Healthy Social Life Plays a Large Role in Happiness

It is scientifically proven that if you receive seven happy hugs a day, you will be less likely to suffer from depression. So if you are feeling down, plan a social outing here at the Country Club of Winter Haven to help improve your mood and fight off depression.

Friday, November 22

Just what the doctor ordered!

Are you looking for an excuse to play a relaxing round of golf? At the Country Club of Winter Haven, we have just the solution for you. Come out and enjoy a nice round of golf on our beautiful green course while taking in all the health benefits golf has to offer.

Thursday, November 21

Networking Is Fun at the Country Club of Winter Haven

If you’re looking for a great place to network with business associates and socialize with friends, the Country Club of Winter Haven is your go-to spot! For over 90 years, people have been gathering at the Country Club of Winter Haven to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and exciting social events that make our club so popular.

Friday, October 11

Tennis Is a Great Way to Stay in Shape

Do you play tennis? If not, now is a great time to learn how! The Country Club of Winter Haven is the perfect setting to learn the sport or improve your game. Our professional staff boasts over 80 years of combined playing and coaching experience, so let us help you master your swing.

Friday, June 28

Wedding Dreams Come True at The Country Club of Winter Haven

Special occasions deserve special surroundings. That’s why the Country Club of Winter Haven makes itself available for weddings, banquets, and other meaningful events. Enjoy your big day in the exquisite surroundings of our exclusive Country Club.

Friday, June 21

Championship Golf Course a Challenge and Retreat in One

We have 18 holes of top-notch golf on the shores of beautiful Lake Hamilton. Whether you’re feeling competitive or just looking for a friendly match, our course will satisfy your desire.


 Country Club of Winter Haven: It's All in the Roots
 In 1923, 10 men had a vision for a beautiful retreat from the everyday, where they could relax with their friends and enjoy a round of golf. We honor the legacy of the 10 gentlemen who made the decision to establish this stately haven!
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